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About the Inner Interior

JOCELYNHEFNERBIOPHOTOThe Inner Interior is my online space where my deepest desire to share what I have learned in my life up to now is expressed. Growing up on a farm in Central Florida, I learned very early about the importance and joy of sharing. My father was a farmer in his spare time, and my job was to help harvest produce. My family often shared the produce and this was my favorite part of farming.

Many years after spending the summers under the hot Florida sun, I moved to London where I found myself immersed in an entirely new world-inner and outer. Relationships became my teacher, and the world was my classroom as I traveled to over 30 countries and visited hundreds of cities around the globe.

In 2011, I experienced a painful divorce that ultimately led me to realizing my passion and purpose in life. My book is a sincere and honest story of how I lost myself in someone else’s world, only to find myself again through the inward journey. Writing a book has led me to places within myself I never thought existed. My hope is that every woman who ever feels alone or lost will pick up my book up, read it and be inspired to continue growing and encouraging other women.

My story and experiences have taken me to the stage where I share aspects of my story with others who wish to find their passion. My boutique coaching business is built upon principles that help guide others to a life of meaning, purpose, and love.

Today I live in Scottsdale, Arizona with my husband and Baby Oskar along with our two whippets, Coolwhip and Popcorn.