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My Dream Outcome

I love it when people ask questions and the deeper, the better. My friend and fellow blogger, Tina, of Colourliving, asked a very sincere question on Instagram the other day, and it left me contemplating my answer. Tina asked, “What is your dream outcome?” What a great question, don’t you think?

While I have so many dreams on the back burner, there is one that stands firmly in the front row. You could almost say it has been patiently waiting “front and center” for me to recognize it for a very long time.

I like to think of a dream as my heart’s desire; it is burning and there is always a flame lit in its honor.  As I sit quietly and listen to the silence, I connect to my heart, and it is in those moments I center myself to hear my purpose whispered to me. Yes, I hear it. There is a still, small voice within me, and it demands silence in able for me to tabernacle with its profound wisdom and gentle guidance. So, that is the “how” I lead myself to hearing my dream from my true self. How do you listen to your inner guide?

My Dream Outcome - The Inner Interior My dream outcome would look like being led and fed from within. I would constantly seek my answers from the teacher that is within me, the still small voice.  I would not consult my mind. My mind would only be an instrument for “delivering” my dream. If I allowed my mind to lead me all I would here is chatter about why it won’t work, why I am not good enough and blah blah de blah blah blah.

My dream outcome would simply be to fulfill my purpose here on earth. I feel closer to understanding my purpose every day, and while there is always more to be revealed, I am liking the form that is taking place.

After all, this blog and this post are expressions of my dream outcome. I always wanted to be a writer; I just had no idea I would have to learn to “right” my life first to write about it.

What is your dream outcome? What steps are you taking to walk the path of your dreams?

Thank you, Tina, for asking the question and, of course, for being who you are.

With love,


*photo is my own

  • June 19, 2015 - 11:25 am

    Sarita @The Orange Gift Bag - Now you’ve got me thinking about my dream outcome Jocelyn. A lot of things come to mind but right now they feel like goals to be achieved rather than a complete, self-fulfilling outcome. I think know what it is but I’ll have to dig in a bit deeper to find it:-)ReplyCancel

    • June 19, 2015 - 5:04 pm

      Jocelyn - Hi Sarita! I can totally relate to the “goal” vs. “dream” scenario! You are very special to me and I am so glad we met. Hopefully we will see each other in Dublin next year if not before! Jocelyn xxReplyCancel

  • June 19, 2015 - 9:15 pm

    tina @ colourliving - Hi Jocelyn,

    Thank you for taking the time to answer!
    It’s interesting to read how you derived to your Dream Outcome.

    When we worked on the Mapology Guides map of What’s Bugging You? we wanted to develop a Coaching Session on a map that people could use and re-use many times.

    One of the questions and step in it is: What’s your Dream Outcome? I always think it’s such a powerful question and enjoy seeing how people interpret it and what answer they come up with.

    Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful Dream Outcome with us!

    • June 24, 2015 - 2:51 am

      Jocelyn - Thank you for asking such a contemplative question! I love what you do with the Mapology Guides… they are so needed. Sending love….Jocelyn xReplyCancel

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