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Style Mantra:Focus on the Good

The purpose of a mantra (for me) is to center myself in the knowing of some sort of truth. When I realize the truth in any situation, I am instantly brought back into the present moment. In order to live a well designed and mindful life I need some style tools to complement my design. I simply cannot imagine living my life without a mantra. I was given what some would call a reminder to repeat from my mentor, Moe Ross. A long time ago I suffered from anxiety and a racing mind and as soon as I received my sacred mantra {which will stay with me always}, my inner life began to slowly shift. As I began to be more aware of when my mind was traveling back in time or way ahead in the future my mantra became my tool, my style element to bring me back to the present.

During my many times of transition, my mind would more often than not return to old behavior and recognize the “bad” in a situation. I was once known for being a “realist”; not negative, not positive, but real. I can only chuckle to myself now thinking back on how completely blurred my vision was. Today, here I am, choosing to see the good in every situation because in my design there is no bad. This may sound very “Pollyanna like” and in actuality, the principle of a Pollyanna attitude is very similar to my perspective on life. Life is not always honey and milk and therefor we will always be challenged to see the positive.  Nothing is perfect and everything is perfect just as it is.  I invite you to join with me in focusing on the good and take note of the amazing shift that will happen within and around you.

Style Mantras by Jocelyn Casey

The importance of a mantra really stems from re-aligning my focus. I don’t get much done when my mind wanders around like a mouse in a barn full of hay. In order to live a mindful life I know a mantra for me is essential. Just by repeating my mantra three times my mind settles and I am back to a balanced state of mind.  How do you feel about mantras? One could also call them reminders as well! How do you use them in your everyday life?


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