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Interior Design: A Calming Influence

Raise your hand if you like feeling calm and peaceful. If you are like me you probably understand the significance of a quiet and calm interior space and how it can transform hectic moments into blissful ones. Throughout the past eight years or so,  I have been hired by my clients to design and style tranquil interiors that reflect light and give them a sense of peace within their inner interior. The truth is, I have always loved a neutral palette and I also believe infusing natural elements into a space are what give it life; whether it be pets or plants! Have you ever noticed how a room takes shape when there is a tree or plant in the corner soaking up the sun rays? Or how about a pet gazing out the window just watching the squirrels run up the tree? These natural colors and details are magical in my opinion.

As you can see in this first space the fig plant in the corner adds life, a sense of growth and dimension to the room. Without the tree I can imagine this room would look fairly plain yet still beautiful. If you would like to incorporate plants into your space and you are not sure how to care for them check out this lovely houseplant guide, here.



Well, like I mentioned earlier, pets just make a space seem so loving without even trying. This little pup below is enjoying his time resting and allowing the day to unfold. I love the beams in this room especially painted white as they give so much light to the room, and the feeling of calm is all over the room!


We all know how important an entrance is and how it can give guests an idea of what they expect on the inside, right? I love the image below with the giant wooden door, and the potted plants on both sides allowing the door to be framed in a way that isn’t intrusive. Does this image make you want to walk inside and peek around?


Of course I had to include my two beloved boys in this post as they are my personal main calm mind trainers. My house is quite creamy and I love it that way. When I walk into my front door I am instantly centered, calm and a sense of peace washes over me like a warm blanket on a chilly day. I was working with a client the other day, and her words to me were this, “when I walk into my bedroom I want to feel as though all my worries are gone and I can just float in my room“. I was ecstatic because this is what I do best! I really do love my job when I get to work with clients who trust me and know what they truly want, this is what makes my life so profound and significant. Creating spaces that will enhance the life of my client is my dream, well one of them!


So, I would like to know from you what makes your interior space feel calm? Is it the color palette? Textiles? Dogs? Cats? Do you feel plants and flowers really invite a sense of calmness into your interior?

I wish you and everyone in your day a calm and peaceful Wednesday.

Jocelyn xx



 Image One /Image Two/Image Three/Image Four/Image Five – Photography by Ryann Ford

Image Six and Seven are my own.

  • March 15, 2014 - 1:27 pm

    Anja (Savorychicks) - Feeling calm at home. That’s how it should be. How our home becomes a haven in this hectic world. To me it all starts with natural materials – wooden floors, wooden boxes, cotton curtains – and ends with plenty of white colors. White has such a calming influence on me. And yes, very important too: a clutter-free home. The hardest thing to achieve with two small kids at home. However, their presence and all the clutter and laughing that comes with it, is my greatest teacher. How to let go, how to relax, how to enjoy time at home, even if it doesn’t look perfect.ReplyCancel

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