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Interior Design : Seeing what IS rather than what “SHOULD” be

This post comes as a result of yesterday’s mantra in relation to interior design. I have always noticed how many times I judge, not criticize (although I used to), but observe the differences in the way my clients, friends and acquaintances live in their spaces. I began to wonder, who am I to judge what someone hangs or doesn’t hang on their wall? Why would I even bother voicing my opinion when it isn’t asked for? The answer is simple, I have no reason to judge which is already perfect in its nature. Do you feel where I am going with this? You will see in the images below where art that is traditionally hung on the wall is leaning on a wall, resting on the floor, or gracing a credenza or fireplace. At the end of the post will be my main intention of presenting this idea as it relates to life…read on, please.





Bookshelves are typically for books, and today we see a lot of fireplaces being used to display and store them which creates a focal point in a room. Personally, I change out my fireplace with the seasons and it is rarely cold enough to build a fire so flowers, plants and books usually find their home on the mantle. So here we can see that there is not just one way to display what we love, there is no wrong or right. There just IS.




In my office I have a space along a wall I left blank for a long time until something decided it wanted to take residence. In my closet were some old glass vases in beautiful purple, green and blue hues, I immediately thought they would look nice on the floor rather than in the closet! I had some left over pieces of art in storage so I just plopped those on the floor and voila! instant eye candy and a constant reminder that I can see things differently if I choose to.




My main point of this post is to explore the metaphor between how the style of interiors is no different than the style of other people. Can you imagine if we could learn to not judge by appearance because something “is supposed to be a certain way”? Really, take that in for a moment.

Acceptance of what IS is the only thing that will set us free from disharmony and it can begin with noticing how we react to the style of interiors.

It is my intention every single day to empty my mind of the universal concepts and beliefs my mind has taken on. Today, my practice is to not give my opinion, no matter what. This practice is difficult AND I can do it. I find when I don’t give my opinion I am releasing the desire to accept anything other than the way it is.

Have a wonderful day,

Jocelyn xx

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  • April 15, 2014 - 8:50 pm

    Igor - A wonderful post, Jocelyn. I totally get your thought and try to live by it every day. I am not a trained interior designer or stylist so I never thought of how things should be used in interiors – it was rather a sort of feeling to move and shift things. I never enter a friend’s home and suggest changes. Rather I observe and draw inspiration and conclusions on how someone chooses to live and create his space. After all the home is a very personal place and per se there can’t be a right or wrong that would be applicable to everyone. Sending you a big virtual hug my dear!ReplyCancel

    • April 16, 2014 - 1:28 am

      admin - Thank you so much, Igor. I really appreciate every word you wrote and it just reminds me of what a gentlemen you are. I agree with you about the practice of observation, it really requires a lot of mindfulness for me. As an interior designer by day, my one goal with every client is to remind them that there is no right or wrong, regardless of what books say. If the principle of “ISness” can be taken out into the world, I feel we would all experience more peace and harmony in our relationships. Thank you again for stopping by, it is such a pleasure and honor to welcome you! Jocelyn xxReplyCancel

  • April 21, 2014 - 1:33 am

    moe - I love these ideas and how you have expressed them….
    you continue to inspire new ways of thinking. Love, moeReplyCancel

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