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Interior Design : Vital Ingredients {LIGHT}

Every client I meet has a different set of values and are reflective of their life. The way they choose to express themselves within their interiors is no different than the way they dress or speak their words. Just the other day I was sitting in the living room of a new client and it occurred to me to ask, “what is the most vital ingredient to your home”? Her reply was “light, of course. I need light in my life and we have none in this house”. Do you ever have those moments where you’re like, oh, wow and wow. Well, after she mentioned this my inner dialogue was ticking and I suddenly realized we all have vital ingredients in our inner and interior designs. Because I only know the truth for myself, my inner interior vital ingredient is receptivity and for the interior of my home I would say my most vital ingredient is light. I am the first one to draw the curtains open in my bedroom at 6 am when I wake. You can imagine what my two sleeping dogs are wondering! They often give me that “really” look and tuck their heads back into their cozy beds. You see, I desire light in my life after living in so many years of darkness. Any chance I get I open up rooms to allow more vibrant light to infuse a room or space. How about you? What is your vital ingredient?

Some of you may be thinking the light in your house doesn’t quite look like the kind that is in these images. You are probably right. Cameras do amazing things but let’s just agree that the light is really like this, naturally. Since we all have light, we have the capability of maximizing its vitality. Want more light in your well lit areas? Then my advice to you is to keep that area simple and clean. Incorporate light or bright details such as books, a rug, or magazines that reflect light. Have you ever noticed how much light a book reflects? Check it out next time, you will see! Often times people tend to hang heavy curtains or shades for privacy over a window that would stream in so much beautiful natural light. Why not sell those heavy ones and purchase new white ones? If you don’t need them at all then let the window be naked, trust me, it won’t be embarrassed.


If you desire more light in your life, look where you could open up and allow the space to receive the light. There is always light, always. We must be open to letting it flow in…..pretty powerful metaphor, eh?

Wishing everyone a day filled with natural light and love,

Jocelyn xx




Thank you to my scandinavian home blog for all her continuous inspiration when it comes to rooms filled with light. {3rd set of images} 

  • April 30, 2014 - 2:15 am

    mel - Oh yes! I’ve lived in a few dark homes or apartments over the years and each time I’m looking to move on, light is right up there in the priorities. A dark home, little sunlight during the winter months can really change my way… M xxReplyCancel

    • May 2, 2014 - 4:27 pm

      admin - I used to like dark homes, which I think was a metaphor for that time in my life. Today, I am with you….light and bright really can change the day. Hope you are having a nice weekend so far! xxReplyCancel

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