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A Letter to My Readers

Dear Reader,

I only realized today I have never written a post to you, the reader. With that, here is an expression of my sincere gratitude for you joining me here and supporting me in so many ways.

When I began blogging four years ago, I spent so much time making everything look a certain way and appeal to an audience that fit my target market. The truth is, I didn’t enjoy blogging until I started the newest version of The Inner Interior. At first, it was meant to be a sibling site to my interior design business. When I decided to quit my professional career as a designer I took the leap and dove heart first into writing about my inner life and sharing it with you.

Many people ask me how I can be so open, so vulnerable and courageous and to tell you honestly, I do not know. My inner promptings to write about the things that dwell within me come from something much bigger than me. Part of me feels it is for those women and men who don’t have a voice. The precious memories I share, even though still slightly raw are exposed to help those who didn’t have a therapist and a life coach move forward. My heart aches for those who are feeling left out and even worse, abandoned. We don’t have to go at this alone, and this is my way of giving back to a world that has done so much for me.

My writings are not just for me; they are for you, and I hope they may awaken even the tiniest whisper in your heart that will lead you straight on the crooked roads should they appear.

There will be times when I share too much and moments where I hold back, but please know I am pouring these stories out of my heart to heal and grow areas of my inner life as well.

Would you care to continue growing with me? Do you have a few wounds that could use a bandage and some healing balm? If so then I hope you keep coming back and if you feel led,  sharing these articles with your friends and family.

I have found the more we talk, listen and read stories from another person we are guided deep within our own heart to hear its whisper of guidance and wisdom.

This blog is for you, and I thank you for allowing me to be who I am. Your presence here is honored and I hope you can feel it.

Eternally grateful,


  • June 15, 2015 - 3:57 pm

    Pam - Your writing is such an inspiration Jocelyn. I’m so grateful for all you share, such wisdom and guidance – thank you!ReplyCancel

  • June 15, 2015 - 10:54 pm

    tina @ Colourliving - Everything about you is authentic, beautiful and sincere!!!
    I’m so glad we met… and continue to be in each other’s lives.
    Mwah xReplyCancel

    • June 17, 2015 - 5:27 pm

      Jocelyn - Tina, thank you your kind words,they go straight to my heart! I am so glad we met cannot wait until we meet again! Hugs, Jocelyn xReplyCancel

  • June 19, 2015 - 3:36 pm

    Anya - Jocelyn, the reason why love reading your blog, is because everything you do is with the heart. You are so brave, sincere and honest. I love reading the words you have to say, and following you on your journey to wherever it is you may end up. And the best thing – I have only met you once, and you the same in person. Hope to see you again some day.
    A xReplyCancel

    • June 19, 2015 - 5:02 pm

      Jocelyn - Dearest Anya, Thank you for your thoughtful and heartwarming note. I always remember the kindness you extended to me the first time we met. I knew no one at the conference and you were the first person to talk to me. Your heart is generous and gracious…..thank you. I hope we see each other soon, too! With love, JxReplyCancel

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