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A Paradigm Shift – Fear to Love

I had never heard the word paradigm before I entered what I would call my years of inner torture. The word “shift” was not foreign to me, but together they seemed like a scary combination of what I wanted but didn’t know how to achieve. Luckily, I had Moe, my guide along the path. I am sharing this today in case you find yourself in a place where you are doing this by yourself and looking for a little support.

Everyone has their own interpretation and definition of what a paradigm shift is so I won’t be getting into that here. This post is simply to share why I had to make the change and how I began to follow the threads that led me to more inner peace.

I lived in a world where veils of illusion covered my eyes; I was unable to see beyond my own comfort zone and the constraints of my human mind. I created a reality that was surrounded by materialism because “things” kept me busy and happy, or at least I thought. Experiences and situations were never seen as divinely guided or a part of my already pre-designed plan; they were just happenings that occurred.

a shift from fear to love

When my life was shattered by a painful divorce, I began what Moe calls “the round, wide curve” some experience when starting the return to their true selves. I desperately needed a new way of seeing the world and what had happened to me so instead of thinking of him and what he was doing, I got up, dusted myself off and got to work. The road to leaving my dependency on people and things was scary but I wanted it more than anything in the world. I wanted to be free and feel the sense of inner peace I felt when I was a young child with my horses.

I was told I needed to make a paradigm shift if I wanted to transform my life, and that is exactly what I did. Each and every day I found myself referring to two squares on a table. One represented my old way of thinking and witnessing my life, and the other was the new path, the journey of returning to my true self.

This was incredibly hard as my mind had been trained to think one way for so long it fought me tooth and nail. With every false belief that entered my mind, I was most of the time able to dissolve it with truth, and over time, I found myself living in a new paradigm.

Looking back now, I told myself so many lies and put my validation in things rather than seeking my peace from within my own being.

In this moment, divorce seems like a gift, a divinely guided transition in my life rather than the heart-wrenching and horrifying experience I once felt it was. After all, I wasn’t divorcing him; I was “di-vorcing” myself and the parts of me that were no longer necessary to live an extraordinary life not to mention the dependency of people, things and outcomes.

Eventually, I could close my eyes at night knowing my life was governed by something greater than me, I was abiding by a law not led by my mind. My mind began to slow down, and my heart started to beat to a new rhythm. People became my teachers. Relationships were my Master teacher, and all experiences were lessons on earth school.

It is a practice to continue to stay connected to this new way and one day I hope it will become natural to me. I enjoy having to practice remaining in the paradigm of love, it is a much more peaceful and calm way to live.  Letting go of what I want for my life is much easier now when I rely on inner guidance.

If you are asking yourself how to do this, it starts now. When you feel tight, scared and in fear of life, shift your perception to one of love, openness and softness which requires faith and trust in the Infinite Invisible of our being. Bold, I know.

Life requires a level of boldness to embrace our story.

Have you ever found yourself longing to make a paradigm shift at some stage in your life? If you have, and would like to share your experience, please do in the comment section below.



  • September 19, 2015 - 4:51 am

    Anastasia - I had to listen to my heart and my inner self when I found myself without a job after 7 long years. At first I started thinking, I was worried and in a shock! But deep down inside was a voice, at first quiet but it got louder and louder, and it was telling me that it is going to be worth it to go in another direction, I felt: everything is going to be fine… With this deep confidence in my own abilities I started working in a completely different field. It was not a divorce and it was not the job loss that was my paradigm shift, my paradigm shift happened over the past years where I slowly learned to listen to my gut! Not only did I learn how important it is to differentiate between my mind and my gut, but I learned that it is even more important to listen to my heart! My inner calling! Thank you so much for sharing this with us – means so much to learn that our souls are on the right path… Love, A. XOReplyCancel

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