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Daily Inventory for a Calm Mind

Daily Inventory / Uncovering Inner Peace and Inviting a Calm Mind

 Please know this post is not meant to advise the reader in any way. The words you will read come from a sacred part of my inner life and they are meant to inspire you to cultivate the life you most desire. I realize my material is of the deeper nature and not everyone is attracted to the spiritual life; however, I invite you to close your eyes and draw the curtain to the world and discover who you are within yourself. We are not our blogs. We are not our content. We are pure love and love comes in many colors and shapes.


I have always been a list maker and “doer” of all sorts. Taking inventory of my priorities was not foreign to me as I thrived on having things to do to keep my mind away from reality. My reality looked like a woman who was lost in another persons identity which was incredibly painful. I will write more about this later. Most of my days were spent rewriting a list so it looked neat and tidy, but my favorite thing to do was to cross off the tasks I completed. The feeling of satisfaction as I drew a black line through “prepare taxes” was immensely gratifying. Eventually the constant mental carousel broke down and I had to find a new kind of inventory; only this time it was going to move me forward in my longing for a calm mind.

Today, I make it a practice to take a daily inventory of the things I liked from the day as well as the situations I would have liked to of handled differently. In this practice there is no reward or punishment-only awareness. There is a sense of inner peace within my self when I am finished and my mind is calm. I suppose some could call this a ritual of sorts but what it really is emptying my mind so that my connection to my inner life is more balanced, stable and alive. I find when my mind is too full with lists, and the desire to cross off the task is greater than attaining a peaceful inner life I am not moving in the direction I would like.

Examples of my inventory can look like this at times:

* I liked the way I paused before responding to someones comment at lunch. I could really listen with my inner ear instead of reacting with my mind. Wow, I have come so far!

* Starting the day with a moment of silence certainly helped ease me into the stream of emails and requests.

* I could have done a little better with not repeating the same story in my head when it came to reliving a certain experience in my mind that caused me pain. I am human and my mind is conditioned, be gentle with yourself and allow this awareness to dissolve the strain.

* I am practicing my practice here and now and for that I am grateful. 


“The first step is believing the peace is already there, all I need to do is allow it to be uncovered and revealed to me.”


All I ever wanted was a calm mind and inner peace. While I practice quieting my mind to uncover the inner stillness every day I am not “there”.  I am not sure I ever will be “there” because I am human and my mind is still very full of old beliefs and concepts that have yet to be dissolved. This practice is training my mind to release the grip my mind has over my day.

Through the practice of taking a daily inventory at night before I close my eyes I feel an inner stillness that travels through my mind and settles it before I sleep. With a new baby I am up every four to five hours, which I see as a blessing because I get to begin the new day even earlier!

Do you take a daily inventory? Do you write it down or just release it as soon as it comes into your mind? I would love to hear your experience if you wish to share. Of course inner peace and a calm mind can be revealed in many ways and I hope my practice might inspire you to cultivate your own.

Thank you for being here.



  • February 26, 2015 - 4:09 pm

    moe - I am sitting in the airport waiting to board and the woman across from me looked so anxious i asked if she wanted to read something…her response after reading your blog was….wow…thank you. I needed that. Thank you for your meaningful sharing. Love you JocelynReplyCancel

    • February 26, 2015 - 10:44 pm

      Jocelyn - Dear Moe,

      This makes my heart feel good. All is right in the world….thank you for reminding me of that! Love you.ReplyCancel

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