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Embracing My Story & Owning My Truth

Everyone has a story to tell, but not everyone is ready to share it.

We all have truth, and some are willing to stand in the line of fire when that truth is tested where others are not.

Embracing my story is something that has required a great deal of work and effort to connect the dots. Owning and living my truth has brought me to a point where living boldly and honestly is the only way.

As my book is in the final editing stages, I am reminded of how my story has become a part of me, almost like another limb.  My sensitivity to others in the book forced me to write slowly and be mindful of how my expressions could affect other people. Over two-plus years, my heart bled onto each page, the suffering began to flow out of me creating a healing I had never thought possible. Many nights I would lay in my bed reading my own story and cry to the point where the pages were soaked, and the ink ran down the page creating its own artwork. I didn’t even recognize myself as the woman in the book anymore; she was so far away, and yet I loved her like my child. I believe it was in that very moment I had the inner conviction I had finally embraced my story. All the wounds were healed, and a new life had emerged. I could see my truth woven through every single sentence. I was essentially free from my story and ready to share it with the world.

Embacing Our Story & Owning Our Truth

With the new trend being sharing our stories, I do see a potential for some setbacks. I would caution anyone who thinks sharing their story is going to give them some sort of super power. As many of you know, I never give advice here in a traditional way but I will now. Sharing our story when wounds are still fresh is not a way to make the wounds go away. If we want to heal the wounds and do the work in order to share our story of hope and inspiration, then let that be the “work.” Scraping a wound that is not healed is something I have done in the past, and all it did was set me back further into the pain.

Choosing to sit back, live in a perpetual state of quotes and positive daily reminders and expect to be given the opportunity to help others and make a sincere impact was not an option. I realized I must put in the work, practiced it until the principles enveloped my inner life and took over.

As I find myself living my truth, embracing every layer and line of my story, I now know what it means to be free. If someone questions me for my decisions or criticizes me for my past then so be it. The great part about sticking to our truth is that no one can argue it.

I am not here to teach you, preach to you or make you think I am some “lifestyle expert.” I am here to share what I have learned and hopefully open a place within your heart where the light shines in and makes your inner world just a tad brighter.

Embrace your story. Own your truth. Be you.




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  • September 21, 2015 - 3:22 pm

    Anastasia - YAY! to the new life! YAY! to the book! and YAY! to healed wounds!

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