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The Framework of Life

When I look at a piece of art or a photograph I see more than the subject, my eye takes hold of  the frame whatever it may be. Without a frame, the “piece” is somewhat lost in a way or looks unfinished {to me}. What makes a frame so special and significant? It is the final compliment to an already brilliant design or piece of art? As a result of taking a deeper look into my life, I see the inner and outer worlds as a design-a piece of art with its imperfection and unique pathways. I have begun to contemplate the framework of my journey and how it enables me to live a life filled with gratitude, acceptance and love for what is.


I haven’t always been aware of my frame and for a long time I have worked diligently to remove the blocks that are created by my human ways. There were days when I spent hours trying to make my life perfect and the result of my obsession was complete exhaustion, mentally and emotionally. There were days when I chose to see peoples personalities rather than living by my principles. Love to me was something I received, not a gift I could allow to flow from within me. In my mind, I thought my purpose was to do stuff and take care of other people rather than caring for them. Relationships were important to me but not in the way they are now. As my mentor, Moe Ross would say, everything begins and ends with awareness. Thankfully, today I am aware of more than I was yesterday, and with that I can truly begin to appreciate my life as a piece of art admired for its imperfect beauty and path to a higher vibration.

Have you ever thought about the frame around your life and what makes it tick tock like a clock that knows no time? I would love to hear yours and in the meantime here is a little more about my framework….

The subject: Life itself. Everyday I wake up and begin a new day with a purpose, a sense of how to be in relationships, mindfulness to live my principles before personalities and the practice of loving everyone as they are reigns high.

Purpose: My life wouldn’t be much of a life without understanding what my purpose here is. Today I know I am here to love. I am not talking about Hallmark love cards, I am talking loving everyone on a level that is not necessarily noticeable with the eye, it is more so felt with the heart. I have come to know love comes from within; it is all there is at the center of every human being.

Principles: Living by principles keeps the focus on who I want to be in every situation rather than reacting to the personalities of other people. This is where mindfulness takes center stage! For instance, if someone says to my face that I am “out of line” speaking about a topic then I won’t meet his or her energy, I simply apply a principle from my inner manifesto and respond from a place of integrity. Whenever I am accused of anything I always revert to this principle: allow everyone to share his or her opinions freely and openly without judgment.

 Relationships: I believe everyone who enters my life is here for a reason and with that knowing I welcome every single person for who they are. I see relating to others as a way to learn about myself and to take notice the brilliance in everyone. Without relationships life would not be as fascinating, that I know for sure.

Love: Whenever I see the word “love” written I cannot help but think of old boyfriends who I thought I loved and could never live without. Oh man, I totally bought into that mesmerism. Today, I see love as a gift that is at the core of my soul, my true nature, and when accessed, miracles are unleashed and life suddenly becomes lighter and more vibrant, filled with joy and peace. Love is not something to give away hoping for something greater in return; it is simply a selfless act of giving. Love is what surrounds the framework of my life invisibly, always holding up the sides that need a little extra support.


So, now that you get an idea of what my framework for life is would you like to share what your four “sides’ are? Feel free to share, you never know who you will inspire by sharing.

I will remember today that life doesn’t have to be perfect or always blissful but it can be meaningful and profound with every step we take.

Jocelyn x

Inspiration  via The Style-Files Photography by Birgitta Wolfgang Drejer / Sisters Agency -article found in Interior Magasinet

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