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Mindful Living : Am I being Vulnerable or Real?

Someone once told me when I wake up early without a “reason” it is because an idea if trying to come through to me and onto paper. Well, when this happens I listen deeply with my inner ear. One could say my early rise was a result of jet lag, which could be true, nevertheless, I am writing what I feel prompted to share.

This is my first post since sharing my presentation on Mindful Blogging: Principles for Peaceful and Profound Posting I gave at The Hive Conference in Copenhagen and I have come to learn something even more profound than I originally thought. You see, whenever I work with anyone whether it be someone I mentor or a design client I always learn more about myself than I ever thought imaginable. Could it be hearing my own principles makes me go deeper within them to allow more truth to be revealed? As I sit here, this is really hitting home. After my talk there were handfuls of bloggers who came up to me sharing their similar stories and experiences and thanked me for being vulnerable enough to share. As I looked at them and heard what they were saying, I couldn’t help but feel the opposite of vulnerable. I felt alive, open, honest and completely authentic. On the outside I suppose it could look like I was exposing my deepest wounds and yet, on the inside I was in my element, truthfully sharing what I had done to shift my problems into possibilities.


If there is one thing I have learned about my life through blogging it is this: never underestimate the power of your own truth. When I was writing on The Little Room of Style I posted a piece that was very raw and a lot of people found it painful to read. I received a comment from a woman who said she stumbled upon my blog somehow and my story was exactly what she needed to read and it helped her immensely. I went on to connect with the woman from California and we had a lovely exchange of conversations via email. Now, please understand I did not help her, my story helped her….that is the difference. I cannot help anyone of my own power but my experience certainly can.

In this moment, I realize life is not only about being vulnerable in order to grow and evolve; it is about being real. When I am real, my story is helpful because there is no sugar coating or dissolving nature of the struggle to heal in any area of life. Our world is full of people who just want to be seen as perfect, I used to be one and now my heart is full of compassion for them. It is my hope that more people will see the power in being real and how this simple act of truth can make a profound impact on the lives of our brothers and sisters.

So, will you join me in being real? If you are like me and find it hard in the beginning please do not judge yourself for this, lean into the discomfort and know you are not alone. Being real is difficult because it is something we are not always encouraged to do. Being real is what opens the doors, not exhausting hard work and endless hours of emailing companies to collaborate. At the end of the day, it is the entire package that seals the deal. Just. Be. Real.

Wishing you and everyone in your day moments of realness, bringing light to every situation, no matter how dark it may seem.



  • May 26, 2014 - 12:20 pm

    Sarita @TheOrange Gift Bag - Thanks for this lovely post Jocelyn.

    When I was younger, I was kind of focused on showing people my best side…but over the years I’ve understood that it kind of took away from the ‘real me’.

    I’ve now realised that my best writing happens when I’m at my most real, emotional best:-)I’m now more comfortable to being who I am without worrying about being judged or how others will react. I still have miles to go but I’m hoping to get there eventually.ReplyCancel

    • May 28, 2014 - 11:26 pm

      admin - Hi Sarita! So nice to have you back here sharing with us. I can totally relate to showing the good sides and I have come to know this is totally natural until we don’t need to do it anymore. You write so well, I truly enjoy hearing you speak and reading your words…they are so heartfelt and honest. Thank you for stopping by…With love, Jocelyn xxReplyCancel

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