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Mindful Living : Being my own witness

Hello everyone, how are you doing today? Is your Sunday a relaxed and peaceful one or are you getting lots done around the house? I am in Germany at the moment and I always love how many people choose today to clean sheets, vacuum and even spruce up the garden a little in preparation for the summer which is approaching quickly. I am delighted with two little visitors we have…. eichhoernchen squirrels! I have left a few walnuts on the table for them as they look a little scrawny. I have named our little guy Hanz and his mate, Franz. With their red funky mohawks these cheeky buddies are a welcome site in the mornings. Hanz and Franz travel quite a bit around our neighborhood and I have seen them around the corner from our apartment a few times already, I wonder who they meet along the way?

As much as I have traveled in my life I am always amazed at how many people I meet all over the world as a result of social media. I learned long ago creating stories in my mind about who a person is before meeting them was possibly the most ignorant thing to do. One thing I have come to  know for sure is that I never know who someone is by the words they write-just like you don’t know me by reading this blog post. You really don’t know me at all. You think you do, but you don’t because it is impossible. We can get an idea of what someone is like, how they express themselves, or what they love, but until they are in our physical presence we have absolutely no perception of who someone is. Are you with me? A few years ago,I met someone I had admired quite a lot from reading her blog, and when I met her I was left feeling disappointed and let down. She didn’t amount to the image I had made of her in my mind; she was completely frazzled, rude, and judgmental to say the least.  Today, I know whenever I have an expectation about anything or anyone I will always experience disappointment on some level. In this moment, I can say I idolized her in a way, which is never good because none of us are better than another person and this only leads to feeling inferior which is a waste of time.


My point is this: putting someone on a pedestal is like waiting for them to fall off and when they do, it is loud and usually quite ugly.  I have learned to stop watching everyone else and just be a witness to my own behavior-even when reading words just as you are now. Then, when the person is in front of me I can listen deeply and get to know who they are as opposed to who I think they are. 

I have been taught every judgement is a self judgment. Remaining in the witness position I can only be aware of my own behavior, and be the person I wish to be. I will never amount to someone’s idea of me, it is simply not possible. 

With every post I write I do hope it is helpful for someone out there. Thank you for stopping by and sharing part of your day with me. I wish you and everyone in your day a wonderful Sunday.

Jocelyn xx

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