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My Best Tool for Smooth Transitions

I never thought I would come to love the word, transition. For a long time, I loathed it, and all that came along with this prickly little aspect of living a conscious and meaningful life. After many years of sitting deep into the seat of every transition that came my way, I have come to find one essential tool that continues to help me remain open when times gets tough.

Transitions can look different for everyone yet we can all relate to how difficult some can be. Some of us know how hard it can be to enter into a new romantic relationship after a long time away from a partnership with someone, right? Moving to a new country or town can cause some serious inner turmoil. Why? Well, for me it is because I am sensitive to where I am, and that includes the inner interior as well as the outer realm.

When I was in transition from my old blog to this blog I found myself doubting my decision many times and thought about quitting blogging altogether. The blog was no different than my divorce; I was ending one part of my life and beginning a new one.  I was feeling out of balance and my mind was taking over. I don’t know about you, but when my mind is the Master I become very uncomfortable. So, I implemented the same practice I did before which was to stay soft and let life flow as opposed to getting rigid and forcing the outcome. This may seem simple and it is but it can also be incredibly hard.

Smooth Transitions

Just the other day I was putting Oskar down for his nap and thought of all the transitions he has gone through in his seven months of being with us. It occurred to me that during his transitions I stayed soft, gentle and open which is why I believe today he is such a good baby and deals with new places and faces so well. Again, for me I know I must stay soft because there is flow there-peace it is not going to be found in a constricted space.

The practice of remaining soft requires a mental slow down. I must be conscious of my surroundings and aware of where my mind leads me. For the first few months, I found this practice utterly exhausting and I am pretty sure I went to sleep every night with no problem. Here I am today, four years later and the practice has turned into a consciousness that fills every fiber of my being. I no longer have to be consistently aware that I need to practice staying soft, the practice works me. There are times when I get tired and forget to practice my practice which is always a good thing because it gets me right back on track.

The tool of awareness can provide miraculous shifts in our lives, we just have to be willing to do the work.

I hope this post has come to you at a time you feel most valuable and if not, keep it tucked away in case the time arises when you need a reminder to stay soft.

Stay soft, stay open and allow life to lead you….


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