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Resting in an Ocean of Transition

There was a time when I loathed transitions mainly due to the painful “tweaks” they seem to drag behind them. Today I can say wholeheartedly I am more open to them than ever. Why? I have experienced some of the most challenging transitions life has to offer, and I made it through with lots of help of course.


I am finding myself in somewhat of a transition at the moment that comes with a side order of good ole fashioned boredom. It’s like I am in an ocean with a current that isn’t taking my under, it’s taking me within and being gentle with its flow.




The next stage of my life is a beautiful one and I want to make a difference with everything I do, but there are clearly some blocks that hold me back-mainly universal mesmerism’s my mind has taken on. The last few days have been revealing to say the least. While I do feel a few world beliefs or “blocks” have dissolved significantly through my meditation and mindfulness practice there is something dense within me. It is hard to describe but I can only tell you it is heavy, but not burdening.


I offered myself some advise this morning. While encouraging myself to see this transitional time as a parenthesis in eternity, my inner voice led me to the word grounded. I am being held still and for a good reason, which may or may not be revealed to me anytime soon. Secretly I wish it would reveal to me the answer NOW. After spending some time with my new insight I came to a realization that every one of the transitions in my 34 years have been grounding phases and the stillness was mind-blowing. I see this as a time to root my being within myself even more. This is the time to see the boring moments as transformational avenues decorating my life map. Eventually, I will be able to connect the dots from this point to the next and beyond.


Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like I am sitting around staring at the wall but I don’t have a full calendar at the moment either. Simply, I am not meant to at this time and that is really hard to surrender but I am doing it anyway.


Quiet time is priceless for me, it is the only time to truly hear my inner voice and allow it to reveal the next single thing I am to do. My practice over the next few weeks is to rest in the unknown and believe there is always more to be revealed. Always.


If you find yourself bored within a transition know it will eventually pass, and surrendering to the flow of the “ocean” is much easier than trying to build another bigger and better boat to escape it.


Within you is the strongest sail, the most well built boat and a compass that could send you around the world; your real Self is closer to you than breathing.


No one ever said the awakened life was easy, did they? It sure is worth it though!


Thank you for being here,


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