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Singularly Focused

It’s what helps me keep my mind calm. It is a discipline that requires patience and self compassion. Being singularly focused is a gift to my soul, it is a breath of fresh air and makes room in the inner interior of my life so that I may hear that still, small voice of God.

Some people call it mindset or mindfulness, but I like to call it being singularly focused. When the things that do not matter are out of focus life becomes brighter, and I find my clarity is more abundant. Imagine a photo of beautiful flowers in a meadow where only the flowers are in focus, it ‘s not that the meadow isn’t important it’s rather the flowers are the focal point. I tend to have many “photos” of the meadow, grass, dirt, flowers, petals, sky, clouds and more which clogs my focal points causing a slight disruption in my day. I am grateful for the awareness and with it I can begin to slip in the practice of focusing on what is in front of me which is usually the more important task anyway.

When I find myself focusing on two things at once, I must stop myself and interrupt this pattern because it is not going to serve me. I know for me, I simply cannot do two things at once. When I am with someone, and we are having a conversation, I cannot be looking at my phone at the same time. One, it isn’t kind and there is no way I can listen to what is being said.

I am certainly not perfect at this but I try every day to be better than I was yesterday. With that said,  staying singularly focused on my practices is what leads me to that calm state of being where I am led from within as opposed to “doing and doing and doing”.

How do you stay focused? Do you find it an easy task?

Have a wonderful weekend,

Jocelyn x

  • August 25, 2015 - 12:57 am

    tina @ Colourliving - Staying focused is one of the things I enjoy most. It’s not always possible but I love engaging in the moment.

    I notice that most people do look at their phones whilst having conversations. It irritates me but sometimes I catch myself doing the same.

    The only way is to be aware and to keep trying to stay focused.

    • September 1, 2015 - 7:13 pm

      Jocelyn - You are so good at staying focused, Tina. It is apparent in your sketches which I have come to truly appreciate more than ever! xReplyCancel

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