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The Inner Interior Challenge – August – Making time for Me.

Hello, everyone! Can you believe it is August 6th already? I don’t know about you, but it feels like the summer has flown by and time just keeps going by quicker and quicker with each day. As I have mentioned before, the intention of the monthly practice is to share with you what I am practicing, and if you wish, you can join in. Feel free to morph it into whatever fits best for you!

Recently I have noticed a decrease in my patience level for other people and this is unusual for me. Guys, it is simple. I look for appreciation from other people, and it annoys me. Granted it is not as dense as it used to be as I have worked very hard on this for years but it still lingers and I am grateful for it. Why? Because every time I feel unappreciated my practice fires and I am taking it deeper and deeper until there is a shift in my consciousness. For example, if I am asked to take care of someone’s dogs and don’t even get a simple note to say “thankyou” I am hurt. Don’t get me wrong, I am not sitting in a pile of tears or anything, but I don’t feel appreciated. It doesn’t serve me to blame the other person but to take responsibility for myself. After sitting with the feelings for a day or so, I came to the realization that my patience is not as high as it usually is because I am constantly caring for others rather than taking a few moments out of the day for Jocelyn. Ah ha! And there we have it, this month’s challenge. Make more time for ourselves.


I love being a mother and a wife, and thankfully I have a very supportive husband who practically pushes me out the door to go do things for myself, but I still find it hard. There are many things that also have to be done, and I usually put my needs last. While this may be ok for some I need to fill up my own “tank” and allow my inner life to be refueled by my inner faculties. This can only happen when I am by myself and in a quiet zone. So, this month’s challenge will be a good one for me because it will stretch me, no doubt about that. How do you think you will do with making time just for you? Even if it is for a few moments throughout the day, we can honor our own feelings, thoughts, inspirations, and dreams by giving ourselves time to focus on the inner goodness, thus making more room in our inner interior.

Ideas for YOU time:
> A cup of tea in the garden just by yourself.
> Reading a few lines of a book and letting those settle in before reading an entire chapter.
> Meditate (whatever practice you choose)
> A walk always seems to do the trick (just be sure you are processing the entire day while walking)
> Sit, write and reflect on your day
> Go to a garden shop all by yourself and just take in all the flowers and blooms….this is one of my personal favorites
> Walk or drive to your favorite coffee shop and treat yourself to something yummy

I wish you a wonderful day,

Jocelyn x

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