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The Journey to Purpose Town

Let’s talk about purpose. We hear it every day. I have probably written it thousands of times before with a very different context in mind than I do sitting here writing this post.

At times it appears the notion of finding our purpose is overwhelming and something we must do and quickly.

So, it got me thinking. Do I even know my purpose for being here? Do I really know? The answer is no because I know well enough what I am meant to do today could all of a sudden change tomorrow.

I just know I am here, and that is all I need to be aware of when it comes to fulfilling a distinct reason for being alive. One thing I am certain of is that being a mother to Oskar is something I will dedicate my life with great pride.

The more I contemplate what my *exact* purpose is the tighter I feel and the more my mind is activated which always leaves me a little on the tired side.

In a few of my recent coaching sessions, the topic of finding a purpose has come up and it has me thinking a lot about the nature of how we discover this ever so alluring “gem.” When reflecting on my own life, I see I have made it to where I am by doing the work. By the work I mean looking inside, journeying through what felt like hell and continuing to get up every morning and do it all over again. Getting quiet was beyond difficult for me in the beginning because my mind was my master, and I wasn’t able to deepen in that area of inner reflection.

The day I woke up was the day I dedicated my life to knowing who I am on the inside. As my inward journey continues, my purpose for being alive reveals itself one moment after another. Sometimes it looks a little different, it can take a sharp turn and then a wide, round curve. I’ve never thought to fight it, after all I had nothing to win. I simply stay in the river and trust this is all part of a grander plan and all I need to do is the next single thing.

To stay in the flow, to love, to connect, to listen, to hear and most of all to witness the beauty in others is my consistent practice to leading me to that purpose, whatever it may look like. It isn’t so much to become the *best* of anything, just to know myself better and better with each sun rise and set.


I have noticed our culture puts so much pressure on us to realize our purpose early on so we can get a jump start on life and get out there and start changing the world. What if we just sit, be still and listen?

Isn’t it ok if we make mistakes because they exfoliate the areas that need healing? What if our purpose was to get up every morning and just be who we are and to the best of our ability? Then, when our “form” to share our gift shows up, we are ready and in a place to make an impact.

I was asked yesterday what I consider to be my purpose. I responded, “I believe my purpose changes every day. Sitting right here in this moment with you is one of them. Nothing more. Nothing less. Every day is different, always evolving and changing.” You guessed it; I got a blank stare and a head tilt. My friend said, “Well, don’t you feel like you need to be doing something and earning lots of money so you are safe and secure.” It was a great question and one I have asked myself millions of times. Today, my harmony is not necessarily linked to the outside world as much as it used to be. I am finding more and more peace in living a meaningful life rather than a material one.

If you have found your purpose{s} in life to be one thing or two things than that is wonderful, it truly is. For those who haven’t, what an exciting time! Every day we are given the opportunity to see every relationship as a teacher, every person a mirror, and life as a beautiful gem ready to admire.

What are your thoughts on purpose? Do you feel you have landed smack dab on your purpose or do you feel it is changing every day? Do tell, I would love to hear your thoughts and opinions.

Wishing you and everyone in your day a beautiful Tuesday,

Jocelyn x


**image is my own from Telluride, Colorado.

  • September 10, 2015 - 11:18 am

    mel - I definitely feel like I’m in the right place. Funny enough, being here and finding it suddenly the money aspect didn’t matter so much compared to before. So here I am, working very hard almost for free but happy! My father is a spiritual man and has never been attached to the material world (which I never understood growing up) and always had a simple salary doing something that he loved and that served people. To answer your question though, I think it’s the same purpose that evolves. Big hugs to you! Mel xxReplyCancel

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