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Where I am Today and Where I Want to Go

I enjoy reading stories of people who have returned to their true nature or transformed their lives into living out their passion and purpose. Sharing parts of my inner life on this blog is a way of giving back a world that has given me so much. It is my hope that whenever he or she reads a post they feel supported, and their hearts are opened and willing to seek a new perspective.

Reading through the comments and private messages I received after sharing the news of my book was the highlight of my day. It occurred to me that many of you might want to know where I am at today as I did not explain that in the post. If you are a regular reader of this blog you might know a little more about me and where my life has taken me, but if not, I hope you find this post helpful and inspiring.

Through my years of seeking within myself, I began to realize my passion for life which suddenly made the previous events of my life highlighted with a neon yellow marker. I could see that the divorce was essential in my desire to know why I was here, my divine assignment. Finally, everything was coming into alignment, and the old blurry photograph of my life was becoming more crisp and clear.

The inner Interior

-Today I have a sincere meditation practice that carries me through my day that tethers me to my inner being which is where I believe all my answers gently lie. To some of you this act of stillness may seem impossible, it was to me in the beginning! Meditation isn’t a practice I use for lowering my blood pressure or visualizing material goodness. This quiet time is something I make time for, I allow myself to empty my mind, so it weakens. Yes, weakens. With my mind at peace, my heart can take over, and go before me to make the crooked road straight. I do not always have the time first thing in the morning to sit down and meditate, but I make it a priority to during the day.


[bctt tweet=”Applying principles to every decision, response and situation are essential to living a meaningful and peaceful life”]


-During my recovery and return period, I had a coach that helped me hold my head up when I didn’t know how. Even though she never had the answers for me, I found her presence incredibly helpful in the first year. I will say if it wasn’t for her ability to hold a space for me when I couldn’t myself I would not be where I am today. My deepest desire is to inspire and help women who find themselves lost. I do not have advice for anyone as I believe the answers lie within each and every person. My job as a coach is to support people as they search for the door; they must open it.  I meet them at the exploration and discovery floors where they are supported and guided, with love. Empowering everyone I meet is something I find immense joy in and making it part of my “job” is a dream come true.

-Living by principles has brought me more inner peace and a calmer mind. The days of putting personalities before principles are over even though sometimes they come in “sideways”.  Applying principles to every decision, response and situation are essential to living a meaningful and peaceful life. Applying principles requires a great deal of mindfulness which becomes easier through my meditation practice.

-My story and experience has brought me to the stage of blogging conferences and women’s gatherings. Being able to share my journey with men and women who find themselves in familiar territories as I once did makes me happy. It never occurred to me in a million years that people would actually want to hear me talk until I listened to myself one day and realized just like you, I have a lot to offer by sharing my story of being lost and found. I will be speaking at The Yellow Conference in L.A. late August so if you plan on going please let me know so we can meet up.

-My son, Oskar, has brought so many new lessons my way, and my awareness of life has broadened with each day. I continue to learn about myself every single moment and appreciate the work I have done so far. My heart’s desire is to be of service to the world and take my experience around the globe to help those who have ever found themselves lost in a foreign world.

If you feel this article may be of help to a friend please share it. I also share many more light and uplifting moments on Instagram so be sure to come see me there, too!

It humbles me to bring you this message. I hope your heart receives it in the light it was meant to be delivered in.



  • March 16, 2015 - 7:16 pm

    Deborah Lucas - Jocelyn, I’ve been a long time follower and fan of yours on Instagram. Not only is your photography beautiful, but I’ve come to enjoy your insightful reflection of your life’s journey on your blog. Thank you for sharing.ReplyCancel

    • March 16, 2015 - 7:26 pm

      Jocelyn - Hello Deborah,

      It is so nice to “meet” you here! I enjoy your IG feed so much, it makes me smile! Thank you for stopping by and sharing such a wonderful comment. You have brightened my day more than you know. Blessings, Jocelyn xx p.s. say hello to all those gorgeous pups of yours!ReplyCancel

  • March 23, 2015 - 9:53 pm

    tina @ Colourliving - Hello darling.

    Gutted you’re not coming to The Hive. You were there last year and I wasn’t. I also had fantasies of meeting adorable Oskar and giving him a million kisses…

    Couldn’t click on the yellow Conference. Didn’t come up.
    Glad you’re sharing your experience with the world and wish I would have got to hear you speak last year.

    Go girl! xxReplyCancel

  • March 23, 2015 - 11:28 pm

    Jocelyn - Dearest Tina,

    I am gutted I cannot attend The Hive this year!!! It would have been lovely to see you. I promise next year I will be there and you can hold Oskar 🙂 hopefully we will meet before then though!

    Thank you for being so supportive of my dreams, it means a lot to me. I fixed the link for The Yellow Conference so check it out now….I am really excited!

    With love,


    p.s. Oskar sends a sweet smile and a kiss! xxReplyCancel

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