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Kindness-A Precious Resource

This post is the result of pain in my heart. It comes after an experience I would never wish on anyone nor will I share the details in full. Discovering that people are not who they seem to be is disturbing and hurtful no matter how old we are or how spiritually seasoned we become. With uncomfortable feelings always comes light and lessons….my most profound one is to never put power in human beings. As humans, we all make mistakes. My job is to continue to be who I am. This post is a representation of who I am and how I live the principle of being kind, treating every one as my sister or brother and knowing when I need to let some people go.


Kindness {The-Inner-Interior}


Kindness is not a weakness.

Kindness is a strength.

Kindness comes from the part of someone’s heart that is pure as gold.

Kindness should never be mistaken for naivety.

Kindness is a spiritual principle that when lived, returns to us in abundance.

Kindness is a way of living, and when we practice it we are participating in changing the world.

To be kind is the most simple act. It requires us to enter the world we can not see for a moment, dwell deep within our hearts and retrieve the resources we were born with, and give them to others with no expectations.

Kindness is a necessity. It is the pearl in the oyster.

Be kind to everyone. Cultivate it. Be it. Spread it.

If we can consider that within us is a storehouse of precious resources such as water flowing from a rock like a giant waterfall, rubies, diamonds and pearls that all are accessible by opening our hearts to those we meet, we will live in a state of inner peace. The one thing that will block these resources from being available to us is our ego. When we begin to slow down the mind and let our real selves shine we will see the nature of life unfolding from within us.

I wish you a day of heaven on earth, whatever they may be for you.



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