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Over the past few months, I have been noticing a common thread in the fabric of my life. Whether it be watering the garden, being on time for an appointment or making salad dressing, I always seem to be given the right amount of ingredients to finish the task. Note: each time I always think I won’t have enough, not in a negative way just in a neutral way. Can you see where I am going with this? There is always enough time and resources available to me as long as I remain open to them coming to me. Of course, the salad dressing and garden care are just examples but nonetheless important. These little moments have taught me that there is always a reserve available to me, as long as I don’t give up too soon.

French Flowers

If you are reading this, you may know why. Let’s see this a reminder to not give up just when we think something is over. It is so easy to do this, and I have done it so.many.times. For me, just knowing the “reserves” are there makes everything in my inner interior a little easier, calmer and more open.

I wish you and everyone in your day a wonderful Wednesday!

Jocelyn x


Photo was taken by me from our summer holiday in The Loire Valley, France.


I don’t know about you guys but I am in a serious renovation mode.  I find myself wanting to get rid of some of the inner “baggage” I have been carrying around for years so naturally that has out-pictured itself into my outer life. To say that there is a clear out going on here in our house is a grand understatement. My husband actually has to leave the house when I do this because I go on a sort of rampage. I am ruthless and holding back is not an option. For me, giving things away is a favorite and this time I am on a roll.

It feels as though I am at a point in my life where clutter and “stuff” just doesn’t really do anything for me. Less is more and I find my creativity is more vast and deep when I look at less. For instance, the artwork that is on my wall I cannot bare to look at anymore. It could be because it represents to me my past life, a stage I do not care to dwell in at all. Am I the only one that feels ready to change things up a bit? I see growth and change as a good thing, it means I am ready for what is to come.

Simple Interiors

New inspirations have come from many angles, mainly plants and the color white. When I moved into our current home (before I was married) I was in a hurry to put roots down and feel as though I had something of my own. When it came time to paint the interior a designer friend came over and told me “Oh, Jocelyn, you just have to paint this BONE CHINA!” I was like, “ok, great now I don’t have to deal with picking a paint color.” (can anyone say codependent?) Today I see that as a big mistake. I should have never took her advice. From that point onwards I had to design the interior around a paint color I didn’t even like. This time, I am making the decisions (my husband totally trusts me) and it will be bright and light, clear and clean. I suppose this little spruce up has been going on inside of me as well, you know, in the inner interior?!

Do you go through stages of wanting to start all over? Bring in new items that refresh your mind, heart and spirit? If so, how did you do that? Where did you start? Tell me more, please!

I will share more of this journey when we begin the actual redo. For now, I will be going through every drawer, closet and storage bin sorting and giving away as much as I can.

Wishing you a wonderful and meaningful day,




first image is by Kara Rosenlund, second image is by Eva Kozab

  • August 19, 2015 - 10:38 am

    mel - Oh I hear you! The benefit of moving a lot is that we get to off load a lot of things each time. Still, I feel like we have so much stuff. With three kids it’s insane and I’m constantly going through their toy boxes and drawers to give away things. A fresh coat of paint and a redecorate will do you wonders. It’s also a way to start your life together and joint memories. Can’t wait to see what you do. Mel xx
    P.S. First image is Kara Rosenlund xReplyCancel

    • August 19, 2015 - 5:47 pm

      Jocelyn - Yes, moving will certainly get rid of a lot of things that one really doesn’t “need”. Thank you for the clarification on the image. Jocelyn xReplyCancel

  • August 25, 2015 - 12:50 am

    tina @ Colourliving - I think it’s really good and healthy to change things up and I believe it’s definitely good to choose your own colour to paint walls:-)

    I’m a bit a creature of habit and don’t change things around enough. One reason is because I’m always busy working and also sometimes it’s a matter of finances.

    I desperately want to do up my bathroom and re-decorate my flat but just haven’t got the time at the moment to move out and let builders take over my flat.

    Hopefully soon. Have lots of fun lovely and I hope that Oskar is helping along:-) xx


    • September 1, 2015 - 7:15 pm

      Jocelyn - Oh I totally get that moving out and builders in your space is not exactly an exciting thing. Imagine all that tea!? We actually just ended up separating the couch so make it open the room a little and you know what? IT IS PERFECT! Just a good lesson to use what I have 🙂 xxReplyCancel


I remember the day well, nearly five years ago I was sitting at Hollyhock with Moe in front of the fireplace while the snow came down falling lightly on the window frames. My first intensive therapy session was one I will always remember. I felt as though I had been through a soft and gentle yet tedious inner workout. I told my story from start to finish, and when complete, I felt more awake than I ever had before. It was if a veil had been lifted and I was witnessing an entirely new world for the very first time. I felt hope and most of all, loved.  The last day of our weekend together I stood in front of a window and repeated the words, I am awake….I am awake several times. I wanted that feeling of aliveness to stay even though I knew once I returned home to Arizona it would fade.  You see, I had been asleep for so many years, not knowing who I was so when I started to see a hint of light, I liked it. A lot.

I learned about my shadows and why they surface. My first inkling was to get rid of them all together so I could live on cloud 9 for the rest of my life. It seemed like a great idea at the time seeing as though I lived in the depths of  my shadow for fifteen years. I just wanted them gone, forever. I learned that I could work with my challenges using practices and in time, with a renewed consciousness the shadows would soon be something I could embrace.

The day I woke up was the day I dedicated my life to returning to who I am. I wasn’t transforming myself at all. There was no need to transform me into something different. I simply needed to return to my essential self, the one who only sees love instead of fear. I quickly realized this would be a lifetime practice, and this is the important message within this post.

If you are like me and have devoted your life to loving, spreading kindness, giving all you have with no expectation of a return than you better be ready for the shaving of the ego. With every situation, we can expect to be confronted with things that will trigger us, and we have the choice to dwell or see through the appearance of what is in front of us. We do not have time to allow the mind to dwell in things that will not move us forward. We can dispel the appearance by simply moving on and detoxing our mind by not letting it take over. {I use the word “we” here because this is something I am working on as well.}

I have an astringent practice of not allowing my mind to focus or dwell on negative thoughts or give too much power to my shadows, and I notice my day is more peaceful and calm. It is my knowing the less strength my mind (ego) has then, the more helpful I can be to others and the deeper I can grow.

So, shadows can be seen as precious gifts because they offer us an opportunity for the inner light to be exposed. When we dedicate our days to not allowing our minds to dwell and live in the world of duality, we can devote our unique gifts to the world.

I hope you have found this post helpful. Please share it with those you love, we never know what is happening in the lives of others and sharing is caring!

Wishing you a peaceful day,


  • August 13, 2015 - 1:11 am

    Linda Anker - Love love love you!!!! You are a very Special person ,,, ❤️
    Your story is one that ALL should hear so their love could be as BIG as yours !!!!ReplyCancel

    • August 17, 2015 - 4:32 pm

      Jocelyn - Thank you, Mom 🙂 Love you!ReplyCancel

  • August 13, 2015 - 2:38 pm

    Mon@secretgardenhome - Thank you for these wise words Jocelyn. Totally agree that we shouldn’t dwell on negatives in our lives. There’s no point putting yourself down. Best MonxReplyCancel

    • August 17, 2015 - 4:31 pm

      Jocelyn - Thank you for stopping by, Mon! You are right, we don’t have time for the negative “stuff” in life 🙂 Have a wonderful day! Jocelyn xReplyCancel


Hello, everyone! Can you believe it is August 6th already? I don’t know about you, but it feels like the summer has flown by and time just keeps going by quicker and quicker with each day. As I have mentioned before, the intention of the monthly practice is to share with you what I am practicing, and if you wish, you can join in. Feel free to morph it into whatever fits best for you!

Recently I have noticed a decrease in my patience level for other people and this is unusual for me. Guys, it is simple. I look for appreciation from other people, and it annoys me. Granted it is not as dense as it used to be as I have worked very hard on this for years but it still lingers and I am grateful for it. Why? Because every time I feel unappreciated my practice fires and I am taking it deeper and deeper until there is a shift in my consciousness. For example, if I am asked to take care of someone’s dogs and don’t even get a simple note to say “thankyou” I am hurt. Don’t get me wrong, I am not sitting in a pile of tears or anything, but I don’t feel appreciated. It doesn’t serve me to blame the other person but to take responsibility for myself. After sitting with the feelings for a day or so, I came to the realization that my patience is not as high as it usually is because I am constantly caring for others rather than taking a few moments out of the day for Jocelyn. Ah ha! And there we have it, this month’s challenge. Make more time for ourselves.


I love being a mother and a wife, and thankfully I have a very supportive husband who practically pushes me out the door to go do things for myself, but I still find it hard. There are many things that also have to be done, and I usually put my needs last. While this may be ok for some I need to fill up my own “tank” and allow my inner life to be refueled by my inner faculties. This can only happen when I am by myself and in a quiet zone. So, this month’s challenge will be a good one for me because it will stretch me, no doubt about that. How do you think you will do with making time just for you? Even if it is for a few moments throughout the day, we can honor our own feelings, thoughts, inspirations, and dreams by giving ourselves time to focus on the inner goodness, thus making more room in our inner interior.

Ideas for YOU time:
> A cup of tea in the garden just by yourself.
> Reading a few lines of a book and letting those settle in before reading an entire chapter.
> Meditate (whatever practice you choose)
> A walk always seems to do the trick (just be sure you are processing the entire day while walking)
> Sit, write and reflect on your day
> Go to a garden shop all by yourself and just take in all the flowers and blooms….this is one of my personal favorites
> Walk or drive to your favorite coffee shop and treat yourself to something yummy

I wish you a wonderful day,

Jocelyn x


If you have spent any time on this blog, you will know these essays are not meant to be advice, they are simply my way of sharing what I have learned along the way.

When I see or hear the word considerate I immediately think  of a deep thanks, one that comes from the heart and is not just a saying or a rambling of words.

When I was younger, I was taught to be considerate to animals, plants and people. My chores were taking care of my horses and dogs before school that required a 5 am wake up call. It never occurred to me that sleeping longer would mean I would be happier, I was as happy as I could be considering the thoughts of others. My father grew watermelons, zucchini, squash, cantaloupe and green beans. My sister and I were responsible for picking it during the summer months when school was out. By the age of 8 I was driving a tractor the size of my condo. By 9 I was handling fruit and vegetables to take to our local market. I am not talking about a veggie garden here; we worked over 50 acres of land to treat our food considerately. Catching my drift here? People were no different; we were encouraged always to treat everyone kindly and with love.

When I became an adult life got a little harder, and I became a serial perfectionist. My control issues were sky high, and my inner interior resembled more of a rat race than a nicely designed space. A divorce is what cracked me open, it split my inner life in two and I had to then and there decided if I living a considerate life was something I could go back to. Of course I wanted this but how was I suppose to do that when my mind was overloaded with beliefs I didn’t really believe?

I became very aware of my thoughts and learned that I was in control of how much I let those pesky little wandering trolls get to me. Today I see this time was a beautiful teacher, and my assignment was to grow and return to my true nature, a considerate woman.

A Considerate Life

Do you ever find yourself in a space where you cannot even be considerate to yourself? Do you doubt your ability to create an amazing life for yourself and family? Well, if you do maybe these tools will come in handy that may help keep you aligned with living the considerate life:

1. Consider another option. When we get busy, our minds often can only stick to one “track.” Ask yourself this, “would you consider doing this another way?” This questions offers another way, and as we know, there is always another route!

2. Be aware of your footprint. How are you stepping into a situation? Are you creating more mess with old habits and story lines on your shoes? Bring a fresh perspective by creating principle based intentions to your life every single day. Make an intention to be kind to yourself and DO IT. Step lightly and gently….this is not to be confused with not caring, it is a whole other level of kindness.

3. Find one thing to celebrate. When we can look at an area of our life and celebrate it, we can let that happiness extend to other parts of our lives. Everyone has something to celebrate and be grateful for so why not start with that at the beginning of each day? Carry that feeling in your heart for as long as you can and wait for that expanded feeling to arise.

Finally, being considerate towards yourself and others is a practice, and it is hard sometimes when we get tired. Just remember, what we devote ourselves to is what we receive.

Do you have any practices that keep you aligned with living a considerate and kind life?

I wish you a lovely day filled with many moments of happiness,


  • August 3, 2015 - 8:22 pm

    Pam - Such useful tools and thoughtful words! The ‘curse of perfectionism’ is still something I battle with daily, anxiety then sky rockets and perspective tends to decrease. This gives me hope for the journey ahead, thank you Jocelyn.ReplyCancel

    • August 6, 2015 - 4:42 pm

      Jocelyn - Pam, I understand and one thing I do know is we can do hard. I am glad you find the tools helpful. Hugs, Jocelyn xReplyCancel

  • August 4, 2015 - 5:40 am

    Sarita@The Orange Gift Bag - Loving the tip about being aware of our footprint and the storylines we carry with us. Didn’t think of how it affected my perspective and actions.ReplyCancel

    • August 6, 2015 - 4:41 pm

      Jocelyn - Hi Sarita,

      Nice to “see” you here! I have to remind myself of my footprint all the time….I love that visual! Glad this essay spoke to you in a unique way 🙂 Jocelyn xxReplyCancel