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A Practice in Moving Forward

Hello everyone and welcome to the newly redecorated site! I hope you all feel very welcome here. The content of my writings will not change, I will continue to share lessons from my experiences and inspirations through life. As you will see, there is a more focused direction within the topics that I hope will be helpful and more easily accessible to you.

Today’s post is about a little reminder I have found myself using quite a lot. I consider this mantra a true gem that gets me back on track when I am on my way to sliding off the rails. If you are like me, you probably find yourself immersed in many projects, ideas, decisions, creations, and our personal life on top of all that!

Recently I have found myself answering a lot of questions about my inner life and how I got to where I am today. I love to share my story with others and I it has been a privilege to write an entire book about my journey of being lost in the material world and found in the human heart. There are still corners of my inner life that are sensitive, and I don’t dwell there long. Why? For me, it doesn’t move me forward to sit in an area where I return to the story and rehash the details. I can still put myself back in some of the same situations and feel the pain, the anguish, and the heartbreak. I know enough to realize my mind takes me on a tour of the places it still wants to control, and I simply do not allow it to continue.


I have found one question to be particularly helpful when I get stuck in those areas that drag my mind along for the ride through the dark forest of the painful past. When I feel out of alignment, I immediately ask myself: Will this move me forward? The answer is almost always no which is my clue to move towards what will move me in the direction I want to go.

I call judgments, criticism, and feelings of lack “mind junk”. We don’t have room for junk in our minds or our hearts! Being aware of when the unnecessary items move in acts as the “clearance sale”, and we can sell all that junk with the simple question, will this move me forward?  We are then left with an inner interior that is clean and filled with what is necessary to add more goodness in the world.

It may seem easy, it is but it is also hard to retrain our brains not to act on our thoughts that do not move us forward. With practice, we will get there!

Let’s do more of what moves us forward, today and every day.



*photo is my own.

  • April 21, 2015 - 10:04 am

    mel - Jocelyn what a beautiful new redecorating you’ve done! How on earth did I miss that it happened. The logo, the photo you – it’s perfect and very much a representation of where you are. Congratulations my dear. Thank you for the reminder to reject that mind junk, it never serves and visits us too often. Mel xxReplyCancel

    • April 22, 2015 - 3:53 am

      Jocelyn - Hello Mel,

      Thank you for your sweet words. I didn’t make a big deal of the redecoration. I am so not good at promotion, it doesn’t feel authentic to me so I just go quietly along my way 🙂 thank you for stopping by! Hugs, Jocelyn xReplyCancel

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