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Inner Alignment-The Ultimate Understanding

When I began the process of understanding who Jocelyn is deep within, the word alignment came up many times. I understood the meaning of the word when it came to a car and how without the axel being in alignment the car would not move. The same goes for the footings under a house, if they are not aligned the house will eventually crumble. Over the years with sincere work and dedication, I have made steps towards my essential self and naturally, alignment has begun to occur. At first, my experience of becoming aligned with my new vision and purpose for life seemed the opposite of what I had hoped.  In the beginning there was a sort of purification period where everything that wasn’t serving me melted like butter on warm toast. At first I was scared because what I had known and become accustomed to was now gone and I found myself wanting to run back to my old self, life and relationships but I knew that wouldn’t be of any benefit.

You see, throughout my adult life have jumped from one idea to the next, one day it is “this” and then next it is “that”. This is the best way to describe my process: With a whole heart, I dive in the sea of exploration, find the pearl of goodness, then the pearl loosens and drops back into the sea for someone else to discover. Of course until one day, as I swim in the sea of solitude I pick up a pearl that has been calling my name for lifetimes. 

Alignment-The-Inner-InteriorAs I continued the silent journey of alignment I understood this new path to be hard and lonely. Moe, my mentor, reminded me during one of our sessions that the road is straight and narrow and often lonesome. She was right, so right.  As unneeded relationships dropped and unproductive human behaviors dissolved I was finally like water in a crevice, I had found my way and I didn’t even know it. I wouldn’t say I am completely flowing like spring water yet, but I know the more I keep doing the next single thing the closer I become to being completely aligned with my true Self. The challenge will be to stay aligned through my daily practice which will naturally need to be raised to a new level the more I grow.

The ultimate understanding of alignment is fairly simple; follow your grain or your track, you are the water and you are the train. When the inner journey feels smooth and light then you know you are steady and ready for life brings to your door.

If you are someone you know has a similar experience and is struggling with the feeling of uneasiness when it comes to work or a relationship perhaps this post may be of support. I only know what I know through my experience and this is in no way meant to teach and it is certainly not meant to preach to anyone.


Jocelyn xx

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