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Learning to Honor all Thoughts – Negative and Positive

There is no way of calculating how many thoughts run through my head on any given day, but I know there are a lot. When I began my recovery and return, my mind was like a wild horse and if you have read this blog for any length of time you know I am very open about this part of my journey. My work for the last four years has been dedicated to calming my mind and allowing Grace to enter and lead my life, no matter what. I learned a lot about the power of thoughts, good and bad ones, and I hope this post reassures you there is a way to see both with love.

I have come to know in my life whenever there is separation; there is pain regardless of what form it takes. It doesn’t matter if I am apart from my dogs for too long or if I have unconsciously set a distance between me and another person. For instance, if I set someone apart from me and I do not see the likeness, I am going to feel discomfort for that kind of thinking. When I see everyone I meet as the same as me, a human being doing the very best we can, I have established a sense of oneness, and that has become a practice in itself.


Back to the thoughts that come and go. Negative thoughts or, thoughts that do not move me forward enter into my mind, sometimes sideways like a firefly in the night.You know the kind that just take you off your feet and you are like, “whaaaaaaaat just happened there?”  Other times my mind has a nice steady flow of positive thoughts and inspirations that I pay close attention to for those are like sweet nectar. It was not always this way of course…

At one time, I would separate the two forms of thoughts into good and bad categories. It was easy to think my way positively through the “not so pleasant thoughts.” However, this only lasted a very short time. The pesky little negative words would come right back in. I began something different in an attempt to solve this pain that was caused by the separation. Why couldn’t both be treated as equally?

Every time a thought entered that wasn’t going to move me forward to the direction I wanted to go, I honored it and waved goodbye to it. I did not try and process it and put “legs” on it. On the other hand, I wanted to make sure it was acknowledged with kindness, not sheer disregard. After all, it was just a thought, and it bubbled up to keep me in alignment. I became grateful for those thoughts because they allowed me to practice not seeing duality, good/bad even though that is still a challenge for me.

Have you ever thought about treating your negative thoughts with love? What would our world look like if we treated everything with love and kindness rather than disrespect? What if everything was honored?

Every thought deserves to be recognized because they often carry inspiration for us to take them deeper or let them go, the choice is ours.

I still practice this today, and it is something I share with those whom I have the privilege to work alongside.

By acknowledging the thoughts that don’t serve me, I am making more room for Grace to enter into my life.

If you would like to join me in this practice, please do and notice how much more mental freedom you have. We do not have to be mastered by our thoughts; we can recognize them, love them and allow them to drift like a cloud in the sky.

Thank you for being here,

Jocelyn x



**Please consider this as an inspiration, it is not meant to tell you what you should be doing, it is merely what I do and I hope it helps to those who choose to implement it into their daily lives.

  • July 12, 2015 - 3:01 pm

    Pam - Such a challenging challenge for me, but such an important one too. Thank you so much for this series Jocelyn, you are so eloquent and share with so much grace.ReplyCancel

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