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{My}Life is Easier with Two Pairs of Socks

There are days when I will spend hours sorting through the drawers in my closet and organizing them to resemble a shop “look”. Some of you might be able to relate to preferring a tidy and neat closet. I don’t know about you, but I like to be able to open a drawer and clearly see what is inside and easily get what I need. I respect my clothing so therefor, I keep it clean and neat. Another reason I love an organized closet is my eye is not dizzy – I can focus on what it in front of me. Digging through t-shirts and socks is just something I don’t have time for…I’ve got more important things to do like…..change a diaper, feed a babe, walk the whippets and write, write and write some more.


My life is easier with two pairs of socks.


Not long ago I only had two pairs of socks in my closet out of choice. I had one pair I could wear with boots and one with trainers. (don’t worry, I cleaned them after every use) Seems easy, right? Well it was. My husband and friends laughed and thought my sock collection was odd and funny so they bought me more socks. Isn’t that nice of them? In reality it made life more “difficult” because {1} I had to actually choose which sock I wanted to wear and {2} There was suddenly less organized space in my drawer. I realize this is trite and some of you may be thinking I am a weirdo but hear me out….this message is a metaphor for {my} life in general-the more I have materially the less simple life becomes. At least my experience of the more “things” I have does not always equal a better existence.


My life is simpler with two pairs of socks.


The feeling of simplifying life has been brought on by the fact I have less time to stay organized since we now have a baby, and 75% of my time goes to being a mother, which I love. When Oskar is napping I find myself going through drawers in the house collecting the things I don’t use anymore and giving them to my friends and neighbors. I must say sharing my not so needed items is the best part of a clean out.


My life is better with two pairs of socks.


I want a simple life but that does not mean I have to sacrifice living a big life. What do I mean by “big”? Traveling, learning, sharing, mentoring, coaching, creating, connecting and helping the world are what I consider to be big.


I have lived both lives, materially abundant and the more simplistic lifestyle and I believe {for me} less is more.


My life is more fun with two pairs of socks and I grateful to now have more.


The best part about having more than two pairs of socks is when someone needs a pair I have more to share.


Life is simply better when we can share our gifts, talents, love and material with the world.


Anyone need any socks?


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