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October Inner Interior Practice

October is hands downs my absolute favorite month of the year. Here in America we celebrate Halloween {so fun} and the smell of wood burning in fireplaces, steaming hot chai tea and cinnamon toast are everywhere. Do I even need to mention oversized comfy sweaters and boots?

Fall is for me, the ultimate season for inviting new inner trends to reveal themselves and allow the old ones to fall away. Seeing as though it is October 1st we can now begin a new monthly practice. I have decided to take the word “challenge” away as this is a trigger word for many and personally, I don’t prefer it. Life is a practice and I know all to well it is a practice to create peace and joy into my life.

A Fall Inner Interior Menu

October will be dedicated to building an inner menu that I can feast on when times get a little tight. It is about laying out my practices, tools and applications of what I have visited since the summer when this challenge began.

Here’s what I am creating on my Fall {inner} menu:

Patience: Some days I have very little of this precious gem and my practice is to make room for more patience to enter my life. Breathing is essential and as long as I am consciously aware of my breath than I am doing ok

Worry: I do this more than I would like. I worry about things that don’t really matter at the end of the day. The good thing is they don’t take me down as much as they used to. I worry that my work may not be as accessible to people as I would like. My biggest worry is that my comments or words will be taken out of context. The reality is, I cannot focus all my attention on not worrying when what I need to do is focus on what I am doing in the moment.

Embracing the Drop-offs: Letting go of those pesky little dangling behaviors like thinking too much, judging myself or even others is a constant practice. Every day I practice letting these drop and fall away.

Conscious Eating Plan: At one time in my life I was sincerely disciplined with food. No sugar, wheat, dairy or meat was ever consumed and I felt in control of my life or so I thought. On one hand, this discipline was good but it wavering on the side of control and that was not serving me well. Today, I try to eat healthy and whole but there are times when I want to shove in a box of cookies because they are just so so good.

This October I am going to choose wiser, ask my body what it wants before my mind, and see how much clearer my inner life becomes. I am big believer in what I put in my body makes a difference with every aspect of my life.

Healthy inner life, peaceful and joyful outer life, right? It’s a mere reflection, ya’ll!

So, what are your practices for this month? Feel free to join me but design your practice around what works best for you.



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