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Simplifying Our Inner Interior | Four Practices for More Internal Space

By simplifying our inner life we give ourselves permission to experience joy on a whole new level. 


The last few months I have been craving simplicity in my home. Clearing out drawers in the kitchen and paperwork in the office has been a constant chore which I have found incredibly therapeutic. In my knowing, my outer picture is a mere reflection of my inner interior. As with most things in life, I have taken a deeper look into why I want to live a simple life. Why now? Why at all? What has been revealed to me is what I will share with you today in hopes it may support you if you are feeling the same.

simplifyLet us get clear, simple does not mean small or weak. Simple does not mean insignificant. So, first we must dilute the definition of the word in order to bring it front and center as the “meat” of this conversation. Let us first {individually} become clear on what simple means. To me, it is just what we need, no more, no less. If we look back on times in our lives where we felt vibrant, alive and clear in the mind, there was more than likely a simple nature to our life, inner and outer. Can you agree?

At this moment, I realize why I desire a simple life both on the inside and the outside. I want to be as present as possible for every person I meet and with every challenge that comes my way. When my mind is clear and quiet, my heart can remain open. When my mind is chattering away utter nonsense, my heart closes because I am trying too hard to shut my mind off, and I become rigid and tense. Let’s put it this way, to travel through an airport is not always so simple when we have a carry on and a personal item weighing much more than the limit, but if we decrease the amount of baggage we have to carry the journey can be simpler and more enjoyable. Less baggage, less stress.

Just like cleaning out a drawer, we must search through to see what we don’t need anymore, collect it in a bag and then distribute the “stuff” how we see fit. Simplifying the inner interior of our lives is no different except for the fact that we are left with a feeling of peace and joy rather than the eye being pleased with an organized drawer.

There are a few practices I have in my toolbox that help with simplifying the interior of our lives. If you would like to try them to see how they fit in your life, please know they are customizable, and I encourage you to take what you want and leave the rest.

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I know, we hear this word a lot and sometimes too much. The practice of expressing gratitude for what we have when we feel we are lacking is one way we can simplify our mind. Imagine for a moment your mind is a drawer. Inside is a bunch of old papers and pens with a few drops of ink left in them; there are some packs of gum and finger nail polish mixed in as well. If we put a problem item in that drawer, it would be too much stuff and overwhelm the space. Are you with me? I hope so because if you can catch this it will help immensely.

If we find ourselves in a situation where we feel there is a lack of money, skill or support and our mind reverts to fear we know the key is to slide instantly into gratitude. Gratitude is the gentle breeze flowing through our inner interior that calms the raging sea of emotions. There are, of course, waves of intensity but when we are grateful for what we have the next moment becomes simpler, more meaningful and are hearts can stay open.


When I began working on my inner life, I couldn’t even hear the word breathe because it made me cringe. All I could think of was those yoga rooms where I would sit and breathe like a lion looking ridiculous. Today I see breathing as a tool, the best and free one I have.

When we find ourselves in a situation that gets the blood pumping a bit just breathe. Take a moment or two to center within you some truth, whatever it may be. It could be something like, “I do not have to give my power to this.” or “I choose to see the good, no matter what.”

When I keep my awareness on my breath, my mind has no capacity to form other thoughts. Go ahead, try it.

Self Compassion.

If you are anything like me you prefer a standard of excellence and sometimes when directed with the mind, we can easily try to perfect things. Perfection is a part of being human when we forget why we do what we do. We live in a world of get it quickly, in and out, fast-fast-fast. When times arise where we feel we don’t get something right away, and our mind beats us up with ridiculous thoughts such as “you are not smart enough” or “you’ll never be able to learn that” we can move into the state of compassion. Be gentle with yourself and be your own best friend. The practice of compassion breathes in new fresh air which we could all use from time to time. Open up those windows and let the love in!!

Letting Go.

Just like clearing the faded socks from the sock drawer, we have to let things sometimes go. We need to make more room for clarity and a richer substance so we can enjoy the deeper treasures of life such as joy and love. If we have too much of something within us such as frustration, resentment or sadness, it is important to honor those feelings and let them go.

Letting go of emotions that still linger has been a difficult practice for me because I can easily get caught up in what is “right” and “wrong”. In the process of letting go, we are practicing being aware of what IS.

By simply adding these four practices into your daily routine, you may notice by nightfall your inner interior is calmer and going to sleep at night is not a struggle. You awaken in the morning with a renewed sense of life, and there is light in every corner of the room.

What calms us is the inner awareness that we always have everything we need.

Remember, these are practices and when applied sincerely they can also be little miracles.

I wish you the best of days and please feel free to share your practices for making more space in your inner interior.


With love,



photo by me.

  • March 30, 2015 - 3:25 pm

    Alexis - This is a fantastic read Jocelyn! Thank you for sharing your thoughts with the world, and please keep doing so. =)ReplyCancel

    • March 30, 2015 - 11:05 pm

      Jocelyn - Hi Alexis,

      Thank you for stopping by! I am glad you found this post helpful…it makes me happy to receive nice notes from readers. Have a wonderful day! Jocelyn xxReplyCancel

  • April 1, 2015 - 2:58 am

    Catherine @ farmhousehome - We spent all of last year preparing our family home for sale and de-cluttering in a big way. Since last year I’ve had an absolute need in my soul to get rid of all our stuff down to exactly what we need and I couldn’t be happier! All the clutter was blocking me, my peace of mind and ability to move forward. The next time I’m challenged I’m looking forward to trying your breathing exercise. Thanks for shining your light out there in the world Jocelyn. xReplyCancel

    • April 3, 2015 - 7:26 pm

      Jocelyn - Catherine, I so know what you mean! I have felt the same way many times. Translating my outer life as a reflection of my inner life is something I find fascinating. Here’s to more clearing, and making room for what matters! Jocelyn xxReplyCancel

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