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The Principle of Sharing + Generating Goodness

Every morning before the sun gets too intense I walk the dogs with my husband and little Oskar through our community. For one hour we walk through the gardens and smell the roses and citrus trees that are blooming so intensely it almost burns my eyes. Our neighborhood is a creative community right in the middle of an old orange grove which was harvested back in the 1940’s. The communal trees consist of orange, satsuma, yellow and pink grapefruit and lime varieties. Needless to say we never have to buy citrus!

On our walks we always pass a house that has a ginormous lemon tree, it must be 20 feet high and is always FULL of lemons at this time of the year. Walking by I noticed a little bowl by their back garden door filled with beautiful bright lemons and a sign that read, “please take as many as you’d like”. I just stood there for a second in awe of these people who so graciously shared their fruitage with everyone who passed by. I took a few and as I put them in the bottom of the stroller I was reminded at how important it is to share what we are blessed with regardless of the form. It doesn’t have to be material…there are many ways we can share goodness that do not cost a penny.

Keep in mind the act of sharing profoundly effects both parties involved, not just the one who is receiving.


The Principle of Sharing-The Inner Interior


Giving Sincere Thanks

How many times do you notice someone saying thank you and they aren’t even looking at the person they are saying it to? Or how about when someone holds the door open for another and there is no “thank you” in return? I see this a lot and while I always try to thank those who are generous to me I sometimes forget to look them in the eye and respond from my heart. I have learned to slow down and take the time to look the person in the eye and tell them I really appreciate their gesture. The more we show gratitude to our neighbors the more goodness will spread through the world and raise the vibration to one of consistent love.

A Genuine Compliment

Ever notice how nice it feels to be told our hair is shiny or that we have a nice smile? Perhaps you were recently told your artwork is gorgeous and your talent is well respected? Compliments change lives. There, I said it. Take notice of the people in front of you and next time compliment them and bring out the goodness from within them when they cannot. Instagram and Facebook are great ways to channel goodness!

Share Knowledge and Experience

Sharing what I have learned and have come to know was evident in this post. When we are willing to be vulnerable enough to share the aspects of our lives that enhance the journey for others through sheer inspiration we are sharing goodness beyond measure. I am not talking about giving unsolicited advice so to speak, just sharing from the heart what we have come to know in hopes that it may support someone.

Avoid Gossip in Exchange for Love

Last week I learned that someone I knew very well had been sharing her opinion of me freely, very freely. I understand the urge to gossip, I certainly have been there myself so I instantly felt compassion even though it was incredibly hard to hear. From this experience I have a refreshed awareness of: 1. humans do things that are unkind sometimes and while it may sting for a second it is actually alright. 2. it is my practice from this point onwards to not gossip ever again and spread this low level vibration. Instead, just talk about things that carry the vibration of love!

Seek the Good

In my early days of inner renewal I had several practices for each day to keep my mind steady and “on track”. The one practice I loved the most was noticing the good in every situation. Seeking not only the positive but the good as well was a way I trained my mind not to be a fault finder which ultimately led to a change in my consciousness. When we walk around noticing the good in life our exterior reveals it and everyone benefits. Who doesn’t love a friendly smile?

The Principle of Sharing-The Inner Interior

Be Willing to Be Vulnerable

This is profound so read it carefully. The moment we decided to be vulnerable, to share aspects of our life whether they be our favorite memory or our best creation we have begun to share on a much deeper level. When others hear my story of divorce it takes willingness on my part to be vulnerable enough to stay open and soft. Most of the time I share there are always those who pity me and want to fix me before they stop to realize I don’t need fixing and the last thing I need it pity. Anyway, what I have come to know is sharing parts of our lives that are vulnerable not only helps others heal but we instantly get a healing as well. Be vulnerable once a day and see how it changes your life and those around you.

If you haven’t already read the 40 facts post I did last week I would encourage you to take a look at not only mine but Tina, Mel, Yvonne, Catherine, Anastasia, and Anya’s. These women have taken us into parts of their lives we may or may not have ever journeyed through before this project. It is a honor to know all of them. If you wish to join in just share 40 facts about you on your blog and post it on whatever social media site you use with the tag #share40factsaboutYOU. It’s fun!

*I do not recommend practicing sharing vulnerable material when the wound (if there is one) is still fresh. There is no need to dig into anything too deeply before allowing it time to heal. *

As you can see there are many ways to perpetuate goodness and share parts of our lives that truly make a difference.

Well, how will you add more love and goodness into the world today? Go on, do it and I will join you!

Wishing you and everyone in your day a beautiful Tuesday.



  • March 13, 2015 - 8:48 pm

    Yvonne - You know I’m one of your biggest fans and as always you are on point with your points.
    I’m good in giving compliments (I’ll like to believe). I’m not so good in accepting them myself though.

    The gossip part. Something I really have to work on that.

    And see what you did there with your 40 facts?! I told you this before and I’ll do it again: You are very inspiring.


    • March 14, 2015 - 2:52 pm

      Jocelyn - THANK YOU!!!!! I appreciate all your support and encouraging words. You make me life better….thank you xxReplyCancel

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