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Living Mindfully One Moment at a time

The practice of mindfulness came to me like a stranger in the night to help me find my way through a dark alley. My mentor, Moe Ross, who you will read a lot about introduced me to the concept when I began my journey or returning to my true, essential self. My mind used to wander all over the place, and only when I slept at night did it have some time to rest. For me, mindfulness is a way of living, a practice in which I apply to every moment of the day. Of course  I get distracted and sometimes a little sidetracked but it isn’t long before my practice fires, and I am back in the moment.


The term mindfulness is a word used in traditional Buddhist teachings and is now more widely expressed as a way to be aware of the moment at hand. I cannot begin to think of living any other way, and when I look back on how much I missed due to the lack of mind discipline I am astonished. Never mind the past, it is behind me, and what is here is a beautiful palette in which I can create a brilliant work. Every moment there is something to savor, something to merge with, and something in which to shift our perception so we can go deeper in every interaction. For instance, when I stand in my garden to greet the day, I move into the stillness that I have come to know so well through my spiritual practice.  As my awareness increases in the moment, the fragrance in the air, the birds chirping, and the new growth taking place on my fig trees centers my interior.  In this moment my mind is no longer the master filled with thoughts or actions, it is simply filled with the peace beyond my understanding.

Mindfulness can be practiced in all areas of my life and yours. 

What is your view on mindfulness? Does it come natural to you or are you like me, and sometimes forget?  I would love to hear your thoughts on this topic so please do share.

Jocelyn xx


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