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Present Moment Mantra : Here and Now

Hello and welcome to Monday! Did you have a nice weekend? Mine was lovely and I got a lot of things organized and sorted for a full week ahead. My favorite part about Sunday is choosing a mantra for the week. Over the years I have stored up a few Moe has given me or that I have come up with that really help with the design of my life.  It is my intention with every reminder I share a story so you may feel some added support other than just the mantra itself. Today I would like to share one with you I feel helps when my brain is engaged more than I would like it to be. Do you ever feel like you are living in the past or the future for a split second? Do you feel the harmony of the moment escape into thin air as your mind wanders? If so, you are not alone.


There was a time when I longed for the moment where I could just be. My mind was like a roller coaster twisting and turning at high speeds only to crash and unload into every one of my present moments. My image was the most important thing in the world to me, I wanted to appear perfect and when I didn’t, I felt inferior. I found myself re-living a past experience of pain or heartache or, my mind would jump way ahead and try to tackle a task that wasn’t even happening. Yes, this is the definition of anxiety in my opinion. I even went as far as getting a Hindu statue for my front door so that the obstacles would stay out but I found that nothing outside myself was going to cure the hectic life in my mind. There came a time when I began to slowly train my mind to stop the chatter and focus on the good and the solution of an obstacle. When I found myself living in the past or the future I would repeat the words, the time is now and I am here. By consciously repeating my mantra I was brought back into the moment I was living and there I found the gift of life….presence. When I am present, I am able to witness all the beauty life offers. Sometimes it isn’t outwardly beautiful but that is where my principle of seeing through the appearance comes in, and I am able to shift my perception to reflect the beauty.

A good example of this would be when I pitched an idea to a blogging conference in England to speak on Mindful Blogging and was told “there was no time in our schedule for that”. At first I was a little surprised and started to run through why I wasn’t enough. I know by now nothing is personal and it is my responsibility to see every situation as a gift. I centered myself and stayed open to the possibility of what may take place the weekend of that conference. By staying open, I am able to allow the miracles to unfold instead of forcing something to “be” a certain way. Now, my Mom is coming to visit from Florida for Mother’s Day, which is such a gift. Now, if I would have kept hanging on to the idea of speaking at the conference I would have spent more time in my head and that is the last place I want to be. With my heart open, I am able to see the beauty and experience of shift in perception that only comes when being present to the moment at hand.

I hope this is helpful to you or someone you know. 

Jocelyn xx

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