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Good Monday to you all, it is nice to be back and spend some time with my sweet readers. As most of you know, for me, Monday is a day where I prepare for the week ahead. This first day of the week marks a space where possibilities unfold and new revelations arise in every single situation. It is usually during my time of morning silence a mantra is revealed to me, it comes in quick and sharp and this week is getting a real helping hand. As with any design whether it is architecture, fashion, art or music there is a unique style that compliments it and makes it “tick”. Life is no different, it is one great design, our own unique arrangement of dreams and passions, so why not style it by using a guide to keep us on the straight and narrow so we don’t fall to the wayside of continuous thoughts which run our experience? Mindfulness is the only way I know to remain in a more consistent place of peace and harmony. I don’t always get it right, but I try my best. With all that said, my mantra this week is really about a shift in perception, which ultimately always leads to a quieter mind and a more peaceful string of moments we call life.

A mantra is a repetitious phrase I repeat whenever I find my mind wondering away into the future or the present and the moment at hand has been washed away. You see, I want to live in the “here and now” and sometimes it doesn’t always happen but my awareness is at the point (thankfully) where I know when I am “away” and I repeat my mantra to bring me back to center. Does that make sense? During this week I will practice mindfulness in the form of recognizing when there is a lack of peace in a situation whether it be with a neighbor who doesn’t like dogs, a driver who is unaware of their space or a meeting with a friend. At the moment I feel my mind drifting to the sea of doubt or negativity, I will gently lead myself back with my mantra: I am willing to see things differently, no matter what. 

Willingness opens up an entirely new room in our inner living space, the view is wider and brighter, but it takes awareness to notice this new space, and when we do the possibilities are endless.

My mind is strong, and when confronted with a possible problem, it tends to run around like a toddler who wants ALL the sand in the sandbox. It is relentless and the more awareness I have of its gallivanting escapades the more I can remain quiet and center myself with just a few words.




I am not perfect, nor do I aspire to be. The only thing I aspire to be is what I was created for and every day I am on a  journey that leads me to that realization. My brain is pre wired to think a certain way and my practice of mindfulness untangles those wires and makes them rest nicely in order for the currents to flow, in stillness.

I hope this mantra is helpful to you or someone you know who is like me and  has a mind that sometimes won’t let go. I have come to know that a peaceful mind is attainable, as long as I remain soft and open, and willing to see things differently… matter what.


Jocelyn xx

  • April 15, 2014 - 3:52 pm

    tina@colourlviing - I’m certainly more ‘calm and centred’ after reading this dear Jocelyn. Have a great Tuesday xReplyCancel

  • April 15, 2014 - 9:46 pm

    moe - I love this.
    I love everything you write.
    I love you.

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