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Perhaps you have heard the rumor that there is a story inside each of us that longs to be told.
I love this rumor. I love to read true stories about how someone was headed in one direction, and then suddenly everything changed. These are the stories that help me to know I am not alone and,
despite how it feels at times, I am not crazy.

0R9B6994 (1)One day, a quiet whispering in my heart let me know it was time for my story to be told. I never dreamed that I would be sharing what you are about to read, because I have always been one to keep my deepest feelings in a vault. I didn’t want you to know much about me. I was afraid you might discover that, on the inside, I was not who I appeared to be on the outside. I played catch-me-if-you-can with everyone—that is, until the game reversed.

You see, I was one of those young girls born into an affluent family who always wanted more than what was in front of her. I was restless, never satisfied, on a mission, and didn’t want anyone to help me. I wanted to be the best at everything: the first one to answer a question, the last one to ever give up. I loved to be alone in my room, dreaming about how one day I would be a respected international interior designer. I would be the best, the best in the whole world. I would have the best horses and travel the world, competing in the best equestrian competitions. I would have and be the best of everything.

All my plans were set. I was one of fifteen people to be accepted into the Design School of London. I had earned countless blue ribbons in equestrian sports all over the United States and in Canada. I was on my way—until my journey was derailed when I made the choice to follow his dream rather than my own.

This story is about what happened: the personal account of my self-discovery while traveling for ten years on the PGA and European tours with a professional golfer. While I was traveling to some of the most renowned golf courses in the world, the shadows deep within my heart were finally exposed.


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