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Silent Moments

If someone told me three years ago I would be swapping my iPhone for time in silence before dawn I may have told them they were out of touch with reality-big time. My journey has been a beautiful sequence of smiles and tears and along the way I have learned to embrace the challenging times knowing they too shall pass. Silence is not a stranger to me and in all honesty for a long time it is where I spent most of my day. The difference between then and now is the quiet periods are centered in my heart and not my mind. In my experience, silence is the only way I know to receive answers to the questions my soul gently beckons. Every morning before the sun comes up I spend at least ten minutes in complete silence and stillness, opening the inner ear and listening for guidance.  Not all of us are taught to quiet the mind in order to still our center. Silence is scary when the mind is the master so the only way to slow down the mind (for me) is to let it go and ramble on, knowing it will quiet and lose its power to stillness. The mind loses power when the soul begins to reign supreme. When I first began to sit in silence I actually felt like my head was a yo-yo going up and down, quickly. I wasn’t sitting in the lotus position and my hands were not doing anything funny. I was just allowing myself to be still and hoping my mind would follow. One day it finally did and it was like a homecoming of sorts, I knew I was able to sit in silence and receive something beyond this world. As I write this, tears are forming in my eyes as I remember the days I longed to hear my soul and to know there was something beyond what I could hear, smell, taste and touch.


As I began to become more comfortable with the lack of noise and mental chatter it occurred to me I was deepening my level of awareness when it came to my inner life and this is where the real journey begins. Within the silence is soul guidance and nothing goes deeper than the soul as far as I know. Throughout the day, my mind is quiet{er} than usual and my heart can remain open. One day I hope to live in a state of inner silence more often. You know, be in the world but not of it sort of thing. Do you spend moments in your day in complete silence? Have you found it to be helpful? Lately, I have spoken with some wonderful people who are excited to begin practicing sitting in silence before dawn and if you would like to join me, please do!

If you should so choose to join me: Each day, set the intention to wake up and silence your mind. If you can only do it for a minute that is fine, each day you can extend it a little further until you don’t even know how long you’ve been quiet. In the silence, allow the mind to do what it wants, it will settle as you focus on your breathing. Listen with your inner ear, open yourself to hear your soul speak to you and I know you will hear something profound-it is inevitable. It took me about five solid attempts until I was genuinely able to sit in the silence with an allowing attitude. You may do it faster or it may take you six or seven times…keep trying, no matter what. The most important thing is not to strain, don’t give yourself a headache “trying” so hard. Allow. Allow. Allow.  This practice requires mindfulness and a deep sense of desire to enter silence. If you want it bad enough, you will be like me and forget the phone, emails, IG comments, Facebook likes and all that in exchange for hearing the pulse of your soul which is what creates heaven on earth for us and everyone in our day.





This post carries a sacred meaning for me. Everything you read here is based on my experience, it is not an attempt to teach or preach. My only intention is to share this part of my life with you in an safe environment in hopes if need be, it will guide you to your own answers which are almost always revealed when our minds are silent and still.   

I would like to thank Moe Ross, my mentor for leading me to the door of silence and communing within to receive my own answers that propel me on my path. 

  • August 24, 2014 - 1:14 pm

    Joanna Matheu - …no wonder the perfect words come with perfect timing where we least expect to find them. Thank you for sharing this wisdom ….ReplyCancel

    • August 24, 2014 - 3:40 pm

      admin - Joanna,

      As always, happy to share and thank you for your kindness. JocelynReplyCancel

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